Attain impact and reach your goals with values-based communication

Seminar contents value-based communication:

  • Why value-based communication?
  • The benefits. Values, beliefs, human images ...
  • How our values and beliefs shape us:
  • Our values as drivers of our behavior
  • Our attitude as the starting point, our actions as the trigger: we are responsible for our impact on others
  • Recognizing the consequences of our actions for ourselves and others: Our communication is never "ineffective"
  • What does appreciative communication mean in concrete implementation?
  • The principles of appreciative communication: Appreciation creates value Appreciative communication as sustainable relationship management
  • Creating trust through authenticity, credibility and reliability
  • Fairness as a sustainable success factor Fair.speak + fair.act = fair.some
  • Case studies, reflections and exercises Personal learning transfer into practice

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Seminar implementation: According to customer requirements, in your company.
Heidelberg, Mannheim, Frankfurt, Germany-wide and internationally.

fair speaking + fair acting = success