Present your content attractively and comprehensible

Seminar contents Train the Trainer: 

Principles of teaching Self-conception as a trainer: role and tasks How Do We Assimilate Information? How does learning work? Comprehensibility, motivation and persuasive power   Presentation skills Rhetorical effect levels: language, voice and body language Personal standing and poise Visualisation and the use of presentation tools (projector, flipchart, pinboard)   Structure and methods Preparing a training Composition and structure: timing and variation Diversity in methods Creating and using handouts Dealing with heterogeneous training groups   Dealing with group dynamics and conflicts Interaction in trainings: listening and understanding, encouraging and activating Creating positive group dynamics: promoting a supportive atmosphere Coaching participants by constructive feedback Dealing with questions, objections, disturbances and conflict, using effective intervention techniques

Exchange of ideas and experiences

Case studies, reflections and exercises

Personal action plan to ensure the learning transfer