Collaboration, cooperation and team building

  • How can you, as a company management and executive, increase the quality of cooperation in your company?
  • What should you pay special attention to when leading teams?
  • How can you as a team member influence cooperation in your team?

Today's working world is characterized by high work density, time pressure, complexity and interdependencies. Most tasks can no longer be accomplished alone; goals can often only be achieved in a team and in cooperation with others. Cooperation is the foundation for personal and corporate success.

Constructive cooperation instead of blocking opposition not only feels good, it also pays off.

A compact overview of the content of the prerequisites for cooperation and collaboration is provided by my publication "Promoting Cooperation - Cooperation in Teams: A Practice-Oriented Overview for Managers," published by SpringerGabler."

On the topics

  • Promoting collaboration and cooperation - within the organization and across borders
  • Leading teams and team building: strengthening cohesion and using diversity

I offer you effective impulses in different formats and event forms:

Workshops, Project Kick Off, Teambuilding Events, Training, Coaching, Interactive Presentations - on-site or online.

Promote collaboration and cooperation - within organizations and across borders

Target group:

Managers, project leaders, employees and teams, and business partners; people who want to make collaboration positive.

Goals and benefits:

Managers and employees recognize that the conditions for cooperation must be created specifically - by you as a manager and by the team members. Participants receive the tools to consciously develop motivation, trust, skills and responsibility in the team. The result: with effective collaboration to success.

Essential contents and questions:

  • Promote collaboration and cooperation as a company management and executive. Using one's own creative space.
  • Strengthening motivation for cooperation. What reward systems work here?
  • What does "collaboration" mean? Knowing and using the different types of cooperation
  • Criteria of successful cooperation: How do I measure "successful cooperation"?
  • Roles and tasks in cooperation: Different tasks require different personalities and competencies.
  • Prerequisites for successful cooperation: Motivating people to cooperate, breaking down barriers, developing future skills and creating a "culture of cooperation".
  • How does trust develop?
  • Striking the right balance between "I" and "we" - reconciling competition and cooperation.
  • Dealing constructively with power and values
  • Encouraging cooperative behaviors: Develop and make sense of trust, rules and skills.
  • Knowing and breaking down barriers to cooperation (e.g. habits)

Leading teams and team building - strengthening cohesion and leveraging diversity:

  • Design, lead and guide teams to success
  • Processes of team building and group dynamics
  • Characteristics of successful teams and success factors for improving team performance
  • Cooperative behaviors: "building bridges" and breaking down resistance
  • Effectively managing communication and information in teams. The "language of cooperation" as a foundation for successful teamwork, even across team boundaries.
  • Dealing with rules
  • Developing decision-making in teams
  • Dealing with different personalities and different behaviors in teams
  • Recognizing connections between one's own behavior and that of others
  • Different skills as a success factor in teams
  • Recognizing and dealing with disturbances in teams
  • Dealing with "negativism
  • Crises and conflicts in teams
  • Intervention techniques and conflict resolution methods
  • Escalation techniques
  • Limits/costs of cooperation


Among others, trainer input, reflections, exchange of experiences, exercises, case studies, practical examples and personal learning transfer.

I would be happy to design impulses for cooperation promotion and team development for you and your company. Please contact me!