Seminar: Goal-oriented, professional conversation & value-oriented communication

Seminar contents of the training: Goal-oriented, professional conversation and negotiation management:

  • Basics of communication and central impact factors
  • Self-image and external image: Communicating consciously
  • The spoken word: intention and effect
  • Factors influencing the conduct of a conversation
  • Body language and voice
  • Active listening: Difficult but learnable
  • He who asks, leads: Using questions purposefully
  • Arguing correctly: Motivational benefit argumentation
  • Influencing people: Giving and accepting feedback constructively
  • Arguing cleverly and convincingly
  • Dealing with objections the right way: So that we can use them
  • Fair and unfair rhetoric: Being prepared for it!
  • Systematic preparation, goal-oriented execution and evaluation of discussions Case studies, reflections and exercises Personal transfer of learning into practice


The seminar Conversational Leadership for Professionals and Managers takes place in small groups or, if desired, as individual training. 

I look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to advise you on the topic of conversational leadership.

The training takes place at your company or at a location of your choice (Mannheim, Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Germany and internationally). 

Appreciative and respectful concerning the person, clear and consequent concerning the matter.