Strengthen your natural expressiveness & communicate successfully

Rhetoric and personality - practice in free speech. 


Contents Rhetoric Seminar:

  • Achieving goals through impact: What makes us effective as speakers?
  • The right breathing: If you want to speak, you have to be able to breathe.
  • Our voice: Do we use it correctly? Only those who speak slowly and clearly will be understood.
  • Eye contact: If we don't look at someone, we don't reach them.
  • Facial expressions and gestures: We speak with our whole body!
  • Tension and relaxation: A question of attitude.
  • The correct use of the cue sheet.
  • Practice makes perfect: Speech exercises galore.
  • One's own perception: starting point for change.
  • Seeing yourself speak ... the video analysis! How do I appear to others?
  • Feedback from the group and the seminar leader. "I claim ..." - the self-confident argumentation speech as a sense of achievement!
  • Case studies, reflections and exercises Personal transfer of learning into practice.

The rhetoric seminar for specialists and executives takes place in small groups or, if desired, as individual training. 

I look forward to hearing from you to coordinate your individual rhetoric seminar!

If desired, the seminar will take place in your company, whether for example in Mannheim, Heidelberg, Frankfurt or even Germany-wide and internationally.

Be authentic!