Concepts and methods for sustainable people and organisations

My path in human resources development, organisational development and consulting on sustainability and transformation

Born 1965, wholesale and foreign trade merchant, business economist (VWA)

Graduate in administrative sciences, studied and doctorate in Bochum, Constance, Speyer and the USA


Several years of professional activity and experience in trade and industry, in public administration and public broadcasting, each with relevant project experience in personnel development, personnel management and organisational development.


Since 1999 organisational consultant, communication trainer, executive trainer and coach.

Member of various professional and trade associations (UVG e.V., BDVT, DGSL, Trainertreffen, GABAL).


Education and qualifications:

  • Advanced training as a fairness coach and fairness trainer (Fairness Foundation Frankfurt)
  • CSR Manager (IHK)
  • Sustainability Officer / CSR Manager (Environmental Institute Offenbach)
  • Sustainable Corporate Governance (Terra Institute)
  • Training as trainer and consultant (BDVT)
  • NLP Practitioner (DVNLP)
  • Suggestopedia training (DGSL)
  • Zert. eTrainer (eLearning from mindSystem)

From 2011 - 2019 Vice-President of the Forum Werteorientierung in der Weiterbildung e.V.


Seminar and teaching experience in higher education and vocational education and training, teaching positions at universities of cooperative education and universities of applied sciences


Author of various specialist books including "Fairness as a leadership competence", "Fairness in everyday work" and "Promoting cooperation. Cooperation in a Team".


Seminar languages: German and English


Seminar experience in Germany, Europe, USA, Canada, Brazil and China


My company is located in the beautiful city of Heidelberg (Rhein-Neckar-Kreis, Baden-Württemberg). I am nationally and internationally active, my customers come from Heidelberg, Mannheim and from all over Germany and abroad.


Ulrich Wiek: My corporate mission statement 

Fairness makes sense.