GWÖ Common good balance sheet

For twenty years, as a freelance organizational consultant, trainer, coach and specialist book author, I have been supporting companies, managers and employees in aligning their daily actions and cooperation with values ​​such as appreciation, respect, cooperation, responsibility and fairness.


As Vice-President of the Forum for Value Orientation in Continuing Education (2012-2019) I tried to strengthen this objective at the branch and association level.


A few years ago I got to know the concept of the Common Good Economy GWÖ. In my opinion, this now represents an option to put other values ​​than before at the center of economic action and to translate them into concrete action in the economy and society. The GWÖ is certainly still in development, it will probably not be fully implemented in its current form. Nevertheless, it offers very interesting advantages and benefits for companies, managers and employees.


From my own experience I can say that I have gained important insights for the future design of my business model through the creation of the Common Good Report and the Common Good Balance Sheet. This process of clarification was very valuable and I will continue to benefit from it over the next few years. This includes about implementing your own values ​​more consciously and further developing your own product portfolio accordingly - with the aim of making a positive contribution to my customers and society.

Objective of a stronger focus on the common good

My goal is to add organizational consulting and support for companies and executives to my existing service profile for a stronger focus on the common good over the next few years. In doing so, I can build on my expertise and experience in personnel and organizational development.


Since March 2019 I am a member of the GWÖ-Verband Baden-Württemberg and active in the GWÖ regional group Rhein-Neckar.


I have been a certified GWÖ consultant since October 2020. As part of the certification, I created my own GWÖ report and my GWÖ balance sheet and had them audited by an independent GWÖ auditor.


Take a look at this "learning process" and find out more in the public good balance sheet from Dr. Ulrich Wiek.

Do you see your company ready for a change in the direction of sustainability? Feel free to contact me. I advise you on all questions relating to the economy of the common good and on drawing up a balance sheet for the common good for your company.

Fairness makes sense.