Values, fairness, ethics, sustainability, CSR, SDGs

  • Values: How do our values shape our ability to act? How can we become stronger by prioritizing values and reflecting on meaning?
  • Fairness: How can we achieve fairness in our day-to-day work? 
  • Collaboration, cooperation, teambuilding. How can we promote cooperation?
  • Ethics: How can we use ethical competencies as success factors in the future?
  • Sustainability, CSR, SDGs, common good: How can we strengthen the necessary knowledge, attitudes and competencies?

It is not only our competence in digitization that will determine our future success. In the future, we will also need attitudes and competencies that have so far played a subordinate role in business life and are often laughed at as "nice to have". These include, in particular: a strong foundation of values, a functioning ethical compass, the ability to work together fairly and cooperatively, and the know-how of how sustainability, responsibility, and a focus on the common good can be lived out in everyday work.

To develop these important Future Skills, I offer a set of impulses and methods that can be organized in different learning and event forms:

  • Workshops, seminars, trainings, webinars, micro-sessions, interactive presentations, lectures etc.; in large groups 
  • in small groups or, if desired, in individual training/coaching - on-site or online

From all modules, we can also individually compile the content that is of interest to you.

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Values and Meaning - Entrepreneurial and Personal Crises of Meaning are Crises that Threaten Business

Values are not just a topic for philosophy seminars - quite the opposite: our values determine our daily actions, whether we are aware of them or not. Those who know their values can make safer and better decisions and communicate more convincingly.
Nor is the question of the purpose of business activity a purely philosophical one. The "what for" has a fundamental influence on our motivation and willingness to perform. An entrepreneurial crisis of meaning is a crisis that threatens business - especially in VUKA times, when convincing points of orientation and guiding principles are essential for survival.

Here are the impulses that I can offer you in this regard, e.g. in workshops or in coaching:

Fairness and successful cooperation

"Life just isn't fair" ... that's true, but the more unfairly employees, customers and suppliers feel they are treated by you and your company, the higher the price you have to pay. Fairness pays off, unfairness "costs" trust, motivation, performance, innovation and willingness to change.

Living fairness means finding the right balance between consistent assertion of interests and consideration in order to achieve goals and success. But not at any price, because the how also counts.

Living fairness also means dealing constructively with unfairness. A constructive approach to unfairness consists of a diverse set of (re)action options.

Fairness can be learned and trained. It is about knowledge, attitudes and action competence. I will be happy to support you with impulses, e.g. on the following topics:

Ethics and morality as decision-making aids

What do ethics and morals have to do with everyday work and business success? "Because we don't have time for that" - many may think at first. Ethics and morals is a topic that many people in the business world give a wide berth to ... and thus miss out on an important basis for success in the future. Those who move on the parquet of ethics and morals without a firm grip on the ground are in danger of slipping sooner or later. It takes a long time to build up a corporate and personal reputation; unfortunately, it can be destroyed very quickly.

Company management, executives and specialists can acquire the know-how and develop the ethical competencies to be able to fall back on a sound basis, especially in difficult decision-making situations.

I would be happy to support you on these topics, e.g. in workshops, seminars, trainings or coachings:

Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibiltiy CSR, Sustainability Goals SDGs, Common Good

There is now a lot of talk about sustainability in the corporate sector, with terms such as CSR and SDGs coming up more and more frequently. But as long as it remains just buzzwords, you are taking a high risk as a company and as managers: Anyone who talks about sustainability and responsibility will be measured by it. If you talk, you have to deliver.

But be careful: Not talking about it is not an option either. (For more on this, see "Organizational Development & Transformation.")

Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility CSR, the integration of the Sustainability Goals SDGs and an appropriate public good orientation do not fall from the sky - it requires knowledge, attitudes and action competence among company management, executives and employees. To get into a development with substance here, I offer webinars, seminars, workshops etc. on the following topics: