Seminar "Effect through communication"

How do you strengthen your effect on others?

What makes you effective?

Identify your key impact factors.


What are your strengths in communication?

This will enable you to use them convincingly in everyday life.


How do you communicate with value?

Achieve sustainable results.


Become even more effective!

Take advantage of the personal communication check!


Seminar contents

  • Your own understanding of communication: through what and how do you want to have an impact?
  • Showing strength: Communicating with "self-awareness" and "self-confidence".
  • Convincing communication needs conviction: How to stay true to your values in conversations, discussions and meetings.
  • Knowing what works: communication techniques that suit you.
  • Achieving results: Your personal communication style as values-driven communication.
  • Personal transfer of learning into practice.



  • You recognize your impact in a trusting and appreciative atmosphere.
  • You learn how to develop yourself further. Concrete and realizable. I
  • ur communication style creates benefits for you and your interlocutors: through trust, appreciation, sustainability, goals can be better achieved.
  • Communication is the key to your success!
  • Through this compact intensive seminar you will become even more effective.



Trainer input, reflections, exercises, feedback, practical examples, personal learning transfer.


Target group:

People who want to become more self-confident and convincing through the impact of their value-based communication in everyday life and business.

Your communication power makes you stronger. 


Use this seminar as a source of strength! Please contact me, I look forward to hearing from you!

Seminar contents as PDF