Values Compass and MeaningFlexion

  • Values move us. Values release forces. Values control our behavior and our effect on others. Values are anchors that we can hold on to even in crises.
  • Meaning fills us with joy and gives us strength. The "what for" makes us stronger and more resilient. Meaning leads to resilience.

Our values shape our competence to act

Our values shape our ability to act and give us orientation. In everyday life, we are faced with decisions in many situations. Our values can serve as a yardstick for making decisions - provided we are aware of our values.

An examination of our values ensures a sound basis for decision-making. Not straying (too far) from our own values strengthens the quality of our decisions, our persuasiveness and ensures sustainable results.

That is why it is worthwhile for company management, executives and employees to develop their own values compass.

I recommend this content on the topics of values and WerteKompass for your workshops, seminars, trainings, coachings or even webinars and micro-sessions:

  • What are "values"? What do we understand by them?
  • Values, beliefs, human images: Blockades or driving forces of our actions?
  • The ValuesCompass: reflecting, sensing, feeling and checking your own values.
  • Values are in competition with each other: We need a value orientation!
  • The concrete benefit for you: Consciously dealing with value conflicts creates clarity.
  • Values in the digital world: What is changing? What remains the same?
  • Living values, realizing values: Integrating our values into daily practice. This is how we prevent value washing.

The meaning of what we do

We can also consciously reflect and sense the meaning of our actions. My offer for you is the SinnFlexion. In a guided reflection process, I support you in clarifying the "why" of your actions on a personal level.

With a clear "why" in mind, we act more decisively, resiliently and convincingly.

I recommend this content for your workshops, seminars, trainings or even webinars and micro sessions in the context of your organizational development and human resource development on the topics of sense and senseFlexion:

  • Meaning: the question of "what for?"
  • We humans strive for meaning: how do we become meaningful?
  • Getting close to your own sense with SinnFlexion
  • Viktor Frankl: Logos, sense and reason as the basis for healthy creation
  • Integrating meaning into our daily actions: Recognizing and overcoming resistance


Methods I recommend include: Input, reflections, exchange of experiences, individual and partner work, practical examples, application in personal case studies, approaches to solutions and personal learning transfer.

Target group:

People who want to strengthen their decision-making and action competence through conscious reflection on values and meaning: Company management, executives, specialists, employees, private individuals.

Example: Seminar contents ValuesCompass as PDF

The ValuesCompass and the MeaningFlexion are effective approaches to clarify what is the right thing to do and how we can do the right thing really well.