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Make your organisation sustainable and resilient ... in a fair way!
Together we create the central competences and a culture in which performance is fun and does good ... for people, the organisation and society.

Let us use concepts and methods in personnel development and organisational development for a sustainable transformation.


How do we do that?

Consulting for personnel development and organisational development up to transformation 

As a consultant I support people and organisations in continuously developing their own sustainability and resilience. Economic, ecological and social challenges require a new way of thinking, feeling and acting from all those involved in companies and organisations. The framework conditions change due to market changes, political guidelines and ecological necessities. Business models and one's own actions must therefore be reflected, changed and strengthened.


This requires a sustainable organisational development which, on the basis of the prioritised values, strategically wise and operationally effective ensures a culture of fair cooperation and sustainability. Concepts for sustainability and corporate social responsibility CSR are just as helpful in this context as implementation strategies for the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs of the United Nations or the holistic Common Good Balance Sheet. With practical tools, strategic organisational development is transformed into a sustainable transformation into a strong organisation.


This necessary transformation process of organisations particularly needs people who can and want to take responsibility.


My services in human resources development are precisely geared to this. It is about using a set of methods, instruments and topics that will make you strong as company managers, executives and employees.


Here is an overview:
Seminars - Workshops - Trainings for specialists and managers 
Competence development needs impulses, know how, practice, feedback, communication and reflection. In various event formats (presence, online, blended learning) we create together the space for new knowledge, exchange of experience and learning. This is all about action competence based on responsible values - today and in the future.

Our goal: strong people for strong organisations, who can make a positive contribution to society.


Coaching and individual training
I can respond to your very personal needs within the framework of personal coaching and, as your "development partner", I can give you individual impulses and training for your future career.


Moderation and impulse lectures
In order to provide you with support in important content-related processes, I can take over the moderation of workshops, meetings or other events if required.


I am also available to you for interactive presentations and impulse lectures on my specialist topics. 


I offer my services in German and English; I am present on site or online!


Just contact me - I look forward to getting to know you and your organisation


 Ulrich Wiek

Fairness makes sense.

Fairness im Arbeitsalltag