Creating and promoting successful cooperation

Seminar content "Successful Collaboration":

  • Basic ideas of collaboration
  • What is collaboration? Different types of collaboration
  • Tasks and roles in the process of collaboration
  • Groups, teams, group dynamics and roles
  • Preconditions for successful collaboration
  • The right environment: a "culture" in favour of and not against collaboration
  • Dissipate collaboration barriers
  • Information about goals and benefits of collaboration
  • Motivation for collaboration
  • Collaboration skills
  • Trust
  • Criteria for successful collaboration
  • How can I measure successful collaboration? Limits/costs of collaboration
  • Promoting cooperative behaviour: Goal orientation
  • Handling power, values and attitudes
  • Application of rules
  • Form a network - "build bridges and use them!"
  • How to deal with negativity
  • Speaking the language of collaboration
  • Dealing with conflicts 

Together rather than against each other